Irresistible Strawberry and Vanilla Cake

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It’s undeniable, the strawberry plant is a pure delicacy, which many of us appreciate… But I assure you, nothing beats a homemade strawberry plant! Fresh, gourmet, not very sweet, still crunchy strawberries, a light whipped cream… In short, it’s time to take the plunge and make your own strawberry! Here I give you my recipe for sponge cake, simple and very effective. To be flavored according to your desires and to be used in all possible ways. But also my favorite recipe for mousseline cream is actually the recipe of Chef Yann Couvreur, well known for his Fraisier. This recipe is simple, not very sweet and remains light. She’s not cloying at all. Finally, you will have all the keys to a successful strawberry plant! I also took the time to show you each step in photos… And I’m sure that with all this you can succeed and make excellent strawberries ❤️ For this one, I decided to associate with lime, nothing could be fresher! You can of course do as you wish and replace it with lemon, orange or vanilla. Let’s go bake!Irresistible strawberry cake yummy…


The sponge cake

Ingredients :

– 4 eggs

– 125g of sugar

– 125g of flour

– zest of a lime *citron*

Pour the 4 eggs into a bowl with the sugar. If you have a robot, use the whisk and go up to speed 6 approx. for a good 5 minutes. If you don’t have a food processor, use a hand-held food processor or an electric whisk. This step takes a little time, the eggs will triple in size and become very clear. Do not stop the whip during this step, you risk losing the “ribbon effect”. After 5 minutes, here is the ribbon effect! This is the trace left by the preparation:

Sift the flour over the egg + sugar mixture. Then stir from the center outwards, go slowly so as not to lose the incorporated air. Make sure you don’t leave any flour in the bottom. Then flavor your sponge cake, for this recipe I combine strawberries with lime. Zest a lime on the sponge cake and mix.


Your sponge cake is ready! Pour it into a buttered and floured circle. If you don’t have a circle, use a springform pan or whatever you have on hand! Bake for 20 minutes at 180 degrees. Watch the cooking, according to the ovens the cooking varies, it can be between 17 min and 20 minutes of cooking. Once cooked, let the sponge cake cool.

Chiffon cream


Ingredients :

– 200g of milk

– 1 vanilla pod

– 60g of sugar

– 2 egg yolks + 1 whole egg

– 15g of cornstarch

– 150g of butter (75g + 75g)

In a saucepan, heat the milk and the scraped vanilla over medium heat. The milk should smoke and not boil. Meanwhile in a mixing bowl, beat the egg yolks + the whole egg with the sugar and cornstarch.

Once the milk is hot, pour it into the mixing bowl over the egg + powder mixture. Mix with a whisk and pour everything back into the pan. Return to medium heat.


When your pan is on the heat, stir constantly. At first the mixture will be foamy and very quickly during cooking it will thicken and there will be no more bubbles. When your mixture is thick, count one minute without stopping mixing and stop cooking! Off the heat, add 75g of butter and mix, your cream will be relaxed. Pour the cream into a bowl, filmed in contact and refrigerate for 1 hour.

After 1 hour in the fridge, pour the cooled cream into a salad bowl and whip using a robot or an electric mixer, adding the 75g of butter at room temperature. Whisk for 4 minutes at medium speed (6 approx). Your cream is ready! It will have whitened and taken on texture and will be firmer. Pour it into a piping bag without a nozzle and set aside in the fridge while waiting for the assembly of the strawberry plant.

soaking syrup


Ingredients :

– 100g of water

– 40g of sugar

– 20g lemon juice

In a saucepan, heat the water, sugar and lemon juice. Over medium heat (6-7 on an induction plate) for 5 minutes. You will thus obtain the syrup to soak the sponge cake, pour everything into a small bowl.

Ingredients :

– 500g strawberries

Wash your strawberries. Then select a dozen strawberries of equivalent size. Cut the leaves straight so that your strawberries stand upright. Finally cut them in half. Here are your strawberries for decoration. With the remaining strawberries, separate about 150g of strawberries and cut them into pieces. These will be the strawberries inside the strawberry plant!


For the assembly of the strawberry, use the circle or the springform pan used for the sponge cake OR if you have a circle of 20cm for the sponge cake then use a circle of 22cm for the assembly. If like me you only have one circle, slightly cut the edges of the sponge cake! To facilitate the assembly, you can use a rhodoïd (photo below).

Cut the cooled sponge cake in half, with a serrated knife, it’s easier! As explained above, I only have one circle. So I trimmed the edges slightly.

Take your strawberries for the decoration and insert them between the circle and the sponge cake. Do not hesitate to push the sponge cake a little so that the strawberries are flat.

Take the syrup and soak the sponge cake. You can use half the syrup! Why soak the sponge cake? This step not only brings flavor but allows your sponge cake to be moist and not have a suffocating biscuit.


Collect the mousseline cream in the fridge, cut the tip using a pair of scissors. Fill in the edges between the strawberries, do not hesitate to press well so that there are no empty spaces. Then make a pudding of cream all around the strawberries. Flatten the cream with the back of a small spoon or spatula. Finally add cream to the sponge cake, don’t be too generous! Go easy on the center.

Pour the strawberries cut into pieces in the center. Press lightly on your strawberries so that they are well in the cream. If you feel that you need a few dots of cream on empty spaces, add them but with finesse!

Soak the second part of the sponge cake with the rest of the syrup. You can use it completely. Add it to the strawberry plant, pressing well to make it fit.

If like me your sponge cake exceeds a little, add cream around. Then just a little on the top of the strawberry plant. Smooth everything with a spatula or the back of a spoon! Congratulations it’s almost over 🙂 Reserve your strawberry plant in the fridge. The best is for the next day, so your cream will be very cold. But you can do it in the morning for the evening or keep it cool for 2 hours. After the rest time, remove the circle to make the decoration…

The decor


Ingredients :

– 400g of 30% fat liquid cream (red cap)

– 1 tablespoon of sugar

– 1 vanilla pod or vanilla powder (optional)

Pour all the ingredients into a bowl, make sure your cream is very cold. Whip the whipped cream using a food processor, hand mixer or electric whisk. It all depends on the cream but generally in less than 5 minutes you get whipped cream. It’s a bit like shaving foam haha. Pour everything into a piping bag and pipe the cream on your strawberry plant.Irresistible strawberry cake


for this decoration, I use a saint-honoré nozzle, the important thing is to pipe in a completely random way to obtain this result!

Obviously you can decorate according to your desires and with any socket. And if you don’t have a tip, use the back of a tablespoon to make waves.

To finish, zest a lime on top, add strawberries according to your desires and congratulations to you…Irresistible strawberry cake

It’s ready !


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