Stories : Daisy The Fighting Girl

Written by admindianiko
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This is Daisy…


This is Daisy, who was living on the street and then abandoned despite her innocence and great love for life, but somehow, Daisy survived and had to fight for herself in order to save her. When he then found her to help her she was 4 years old and was exceptionally frightened and afraid of everything.


Daisy is now 4 years old, and she is a special, adorable and affectionate dog who loves life despite its cruelty! She is now more confident and self-confident, but still humbler than people she doesn’t know.She’s a nice female fighter who fought to survive, and we’re very fortunate that she did. We can’t imagine our lives without her. Daisy is the best gift life has given us, a fighting girl…



God bless you for saving her and giving her a forever loving family ❤️.dogs,fight, pet dogs, hot story,dog stories,& other stories,stories,daisy stories,daisy fight,daisy…



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