Caramel Bite Dessert

Written by admindianiko
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The incredible hazelnut caramel bite! Imagine a hazelnut cake, a real soft texture that is neither greasy nor suffocating… This is the promise I make to you with this hazelnut cake without flour and without butter. It is not finished ! To sublimate this softness, I decided to bring a homemade caramel, you know this gourmet caramel that we want to eat with a spoon. And then… a whipped cream, without sugar which will bring lightness to this bite but also a perfect balance between softness and caramel. What to take back full I offer you this recipe with caramel and whipped cream but you can do without! This fluffy hazelnut is so good that I recommend you x1000 to make it, then know that it is also very good with a spread on top haha. We begin ??


Flourless hazelnut cake


Ingredients :

115g ground hazelnuts or whole hazelnuts

115g brown sugar

20g starch

1 tsp baking powder

3 eggs

45g of milk

For this recipe, I use a blender, it’s simple and very effective to obtain a homogeneous mixture. You can of course use another device or whisk by hand.

In the bowl of this one, I pour the dry ingredients (hazelnut powder, sugar, starch and yeast). I mix a few seconds so that all the ingredients are mixed. I add the eggs and the milk and I mix until the mixture is homogeneous.



Once ready, I pour it into a buttered and floured mini-cupcake pan. Here I use rice flour. Use the molds at your disposal. If you have a mold similar to mine you will get about 24 pieces; with a larger mold, count about ten pieces. Bake at 170 degrees for 15 minutes, if larger, 20 minutes.


The homemade caramel

Ingredients :
75g of sugar
120g full cream
30g of butter
In one saucepan, heat the cream and in the other, melt the sugar over medium heat. When the sugar is melted and it gets a brown color, pour the hot cream gradually while stirring, you will see your cream can rise quite high when it comes into contact with the melted sugar. Don’t panic and keep stirring, it will go down and gradually become homogeneous to create the caramel.


Once the caramel is ready, remove it from the heat and pour it into a pitcher type container. Mix using an immersion blender, add the butter and mix again. It’s ready ! Thanks to the blender you get a smooth and shiny caramel, you can pour it into a piping bag or keep it in a closed jar.

whipped cream

To bring lightness to my bite, I decided to add homemade whipped cream but above all an element that will balance out with the taste of the already sweet caramel. So I prepared a whipped cream without sugar.

In a bowl, pour 200g of full cream and whip the whipped cream using a hand mixer or a whisk until you obtain a “shaving foam” type consistency. It’s ready, you can also pour the whipped cream into a piping bag. To make my piping, I use a plain tip.


Your fluffy are cold you can now proceed to assembly. Pipe the whipped cream on top and if you have one, use a melon baller to create a hollow in the center of the whipped cream. Pour the caramel in the center. If you wish you can also decorate with a hazelnut.

It’s ready !


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